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Sailing to the Shetlands is a unique experience ­ and even more: it was our most rewarding sailing experience. Arriving on the Shetlands means to widen your horizon in many ways: feeling warm hospitality, diving into the Shetland musical scene, plunging into our common history, being close to nature, enjoying a wonderful landscape.

It may begin with an early morning approach to Lerwick Harbour, greeted by happy groups of puffins and kindly welcomed on VHF by the Harbour Authority coastguard taking your ETA leaving Lerwick on your way to Fair Isle and further to the Scottish Mainland.

When we went 1st some years ago, our antenna on the mast top went loose and had to be fixed again. A nut of the right size was nowhere available, but the kind owner of a mechanical workshop was prepared to make one for us.

"This tool is normally used for cutting tractor threads, but anyway". 2
hours later, the V4A nut was ready: "You will not be able to pay what it really costs ­ so give me 20 Pounds". The antenna never got loose again.

Christoph v. Szczepanski & Hanni Hopp, Berlin

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Sailing destinations around the North Coast of Scotland
Inverness Marina
Wick Marina
Orkney Marina
Shetland Marina
We had a memorable trip all the way from Kent to Orkney but our VHF had given poor reception all the way. On arrival in the beautiful Stromness Marina the local radio man Stuart Walker confirmed we had “aerial problems” up the mast and went for spares.

Contemplating how we were going to deal with our aerial problem, we went off to collect bicycles from the Orkney Cycle Hire man, John Heddle, who happened to be up a ladder repainting his third floor windows.

I asked “You don’t fancy going up a mast do you?”

His response surprised and delighted me! “Well, if you can’t find anyone else I’ll give it a try and tick it off my ‘must do’ list”. Read full comment...

Sue and Richard Jones, Stromness Marina Visitors

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